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Eleanor Christopher Artist

Welcome to Eleanor Christopher’ Artist website; stick around and check out the artwork, sing up to my newsletter and join me on the journey!

THIS SITE IS BEING UPDATED…. and I am going through a bit of a rebrand!

So please bear with me…. I will soon have all my gallery and shop up and running, along with the new look, feel and colour palette – and Im sure you would expect an Artists to take time and consideration over these important issues!

Thanks, Eleanor


About Me

I am an Irish artist, living in Scotland, and currently working on two projects: my botanical illustrations and a fun project, recreating Scottish gargoyles in watercolour!

From my base in Edinburgh, I am working in and around this fabulous, vibrant city and looking to connect globally to engage with those who wish to experience a bit of Edinburgh, Scotland, and of course, art!

Once our systems are fully GDPR compliant, you will be able to sign up and connect, shop or suggest some mutual opportunities. Watch the space!


The Rosslyn Stone Garden Collection

This is a premium, award-winning Botanical Illustration series of watercolours, themed around the flora found within the iconic Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh.

Each of the paintings are plants found in stone carvings within the Chapel.

The Forgotten Faces Series

This series consists of a number of Grotesques – those intriguing stone carvings found on many buildings, denoting anything from Angels to Demons, Humans to Fantastical creatures yet sometimes cute and fanciful characters. I am ‘re-imagining’ what these intriguing artefacts may have looked like, and where detail is missing, lovingly restoring them to their former glory!

My Life…

A collection of paintings from my past, present and future. Eclectic works, that just take my fancy!

Im including works from some time ago, new ideas and refreshing partnerships. Expanding my creative activities and including some exciting new developments till the end of the year and into 2019!


All the latest news… what I am up to, where you can see my works, and anything of interest!

Rosslyn Chapel Feature

I created a display for Rosslyn Chapel visitor centre, which featured over the winter and spring seasons; this display showcased some of the grotesques (gargoyles) I have painted that adorn the walls of this ancient, enigmatic chapel. This was a really enjoyable...

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Gardening Scotland

Two of my botanical paintings featured, along with my 'fish pool' painting on stone, within the award-winning concept garden from Lynn Hill Garden Design at this summer's Gardening Scotland show.  

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Worldwide Day of Botanical Art

It was great to have two pieces of my paintings representing Scotland in the Worldwide Day of Botanical Art! They can be seen at the prestigious Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, as part of the 'Flora Scotia' exhibition, containing the works that were produced for this...

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